Spinal Stenosis

Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff at want the best for their patients. They work hard to greatly improve your quality of life. That’s why your friendly chiropractic team in Glendale, CA, treats Spinal Stenosis. This condition shrinks the spaces between your spine. It’s often painful and debilitating. We recommend you reach out to our office immediately.

Spinal stenosis starts with major spinal shifting. What happens is that the structures are jolted out of their normal positions. This is what causes the majority of the pain. The spine isn’t just out of place, it’s also now compressed in a tighter area. Painful symptoms are now a guarantee. Without proper evaluation and treatment from your Glendale chiropractor, your spine can’t function correctly. You need to see our team right away.

There are a few noted risk factors for developing spinal stenosis. The biggest indicator is age. As you get older, your vertebra naturally narrow. It’s due to your everyday use of the spine. …

Office Ergonomics

If you work in an office or sit down the majority of the day, Office Ergonomics are essential for your health! At, Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff recommend adjusting your workspace for your physical needs. It reduces your pain and discomfort both during and after work. Research shows it even boosts your productivity! If you’re interested in learning more, contact our office in Glendale, CA.

Most individuals spend the majority of their day at their desk. It is the key area that needs readjusting. You can’t experience ergonomic success without it. First, adjust the desk to your height. It shouldn’t be too tall or short. You’ll also need to adjust the positioning of items on your desk. Everything needs to be within arms reach. This prevents you from straining yourself when you reach for your phone, papers, etc.

Next, adjust the way you sit. Place your feet flat on the ground. Move your legs into a 90-110 degree angle. This keeps your blood flowing properly throughout your…


Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff treat a variety of different conditions, including Fibromyalgia. This is a lifelong chronic condition that negatively impacts your quality of life. Widespread pain spreads discomfort throughout your entire musculoskeletal system. Everything is affected, from your joints to your soft tissues. Chiropractic treatment offered at provides relief without reliance on medication. To learn more, contact our Glendale, CA, office.

Fibromyalgia is difficult, both in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Medical experts have found no known cause for its development. The only possibilities are genetics, certain infections, and severe physical/emotional distress. When you see a traditional Western doctor for fibromyalgia, you’re given pain medication. That’s not the case with your Glendale, CA, chiropractor. Dr. Alajajian and his staff focus on treating the roots of your symptoms. By treating what worsens your symptoms, your quality of life increases.

When …

Chiropractic Treatment for Allergies

Changes in the seasons are one of the most beautiful and natural sights to see. Unfortunately, it comes with a price: allergies! For patients with severe autumn allergies, this time of year is downright miserable. It doesn’t have to be when you seek chiropractic treatment from Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff. At, our Glendale, CA, team provides you with alternative treatments to improve your allergic reactions.

It may seem strange, but your immune and nervous systems are directly connected. When one isn’t functioning fully, the other suffers too. Your immune system is thrust into overdrive during allergy season. Although our Glendale staff can’t cure your allergies, we can treat issues that aggravate them. For example, a spinal misalignment. A quick readjustment by Dr. Alajajian brings your body back into harmony.

Your spine houses your body’s entire nervous system. It delivers the messages from your brain to the rest of you. A spinal misalignment, also known as a sublu…

The Cox Technic

The Cox Technic, also known as Flexion-Distraction, is one of the most effective and widely-used pieces of chiropractic equipment. It is a natural alternative to surgery and drugs and often provides quick relief. Dr. Alajajian and staff are proud to offer patients this route of chiropractic care, specifically for decompressing spinal nerves and treating spinal pain.

The Cox Technic helps treat:

Back, leg, neck, and arm pain

Disc herniation

Slipped disc


Tension and migraine headaches



Degenerative disc disease




Sacro-iliac syndrome

Facet syndrome

Sprain and strain injuries



Patients can start seeing improvement within three to four weeks of regular Flexion-Distraction visits. Such results include major pain relief, improved mobility, increased energy, fewer healthcare visits in the future, and improved sleep. 

Dr. Alajajian and staff are located at 815 E Colorado Suite 250 in Glendale, CA 91205. For more informati…

iTrac for Headaches and Neck Pain

If you are suffering from constant headaches and neck pain, it’s possible that you have lost the natural curve in your neck. A “straight neck” can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, hunching over devices, a car accident or the normal process of aging. Dr. Alajajian and staff are proud to be the only chiropractic clinic in the Glendale area to offer spine remodeling with iTrac, a new technology that restores the neck curve.

The loss of neck curvature can cause numerous other health problems as well. Pressure is put on other areas of the spine due to neck straightening, which increases the risk of degenerated discs. Research has also shown that the straightening of the neck and spine can affect blood flow to the brain.

Dr. Alajajian and staff use iTrac in three simple steps:

First, we slowly stretch the muscles and ligaments in the front of your neck.

Stretching occurs during each treatment over a prescribed amount of time.

Eventually, the soft tissues begin to lengthen, restoring the natur…

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience aches and pains in the lower back and hips as a fetus continues to grow. It begs the question, how does a mother find relief? There are safe, natural remedies to combat pregnancy discomfort, and one option is seeing a chiropractor. According to the American Pregnancy Association, “There are no known contraindications to chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. All chiropractors are trained to work with women who are pregnant.” Dr. Alajajian and staff are dedicated to safely alleviating pain associated with pregnancy.

Chiropractic care alleviates some of the pain associated with the fetus growing heavier, such as a misaligned spine or protruding abdomen. In fact, a pelvis that is out of alignment can restrict the amount of space the fetus has to develop, which in turn can lead to birth defects. It also lowers the chances of a complicated delivery.

Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy has other benefits as well:

Controlling symptoms of nausea

Reducing lab…