How Your Chiropractor Can Help with Your Mental Health

Back pain, stiff ligaments, and dislocated joints—this is what we usually associate with chiropractic care. But at located in Glendale, CA, Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff believe in ensuring all patients’ overall wellness and that includes mental health. Here are four reasons why you should visit our office today for your mental health care.   A Mind-Body Connection Chiropractors believe the entire body is connected and at, our beliefs are no different. Our multidisciplinary approach to wellness puts a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection. This means no stone is unturned and we look at diet, massage therapies, exercise, and adjustments to provide a holistic treatment plan.   Decrease Pain Chronic pain has a tremendous effect on an individual’s mood and mental health. Your Glendale, CA chiropractor and staff provide non-invasive procedures to relieve pain that clouds the mind and causes mental health illnesses like depression or anxiety.

Do You Have Text Neck?

As more and more teens are using social media, text neck is becoming an increasingly familiar term. Coined for the neck and back pain users gain while staring at a smartphone, the long-term effects of text neck syndrome on growth and development are unknown, but experts agree on the syndrome’s potentially detrimental effects on the spine. Located in Glendale, CA, Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff offer tips and tricks to alleviate this condition. Here’s everything you need to know about text neck syndrome and how you and your child can practice good habits while using your cell phone.  What Are the Effects of Text Neck? Text neck has only been studied in adults so far, but experts believe the phenomenon is more prominent in kids and teens—a tech-savvy group that logs more hours in social media, texting, and screen time than any other generation. The effects of text neck in adults include neck and back pain as well as soreness. Common symptoms also include reduced mobility in the ne

Tips To Prevent Back Pain While Working From Home

With over a million Americans working from home due to coronavirus stay at home orders, more and more chiropractors are reporting a rise in clients with back pain problems. Located in Glendale, CA, Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff specialize in non-invasive procedures that help alleviate back pain and body aches, but at the same time, believe prevention is key to ensure the overall health and wellness of his patients. Here are some tips that you can practice while working from home to save your body from aches, pain, and long term health issues. Avoid the Bed or Couch While it may seem like one of the perks of not attending meetings in a traditional office, using your bed or couch as a workplace can wreak havoc to your posture and allow for back pain, especially if you’re doing this daily. Instead, try to create a separation from your work and rest spaces by using a desk and chair and mimicking your normal workstation at the office as much as possible. When sitting in a chair, ma


Located in Glendale, CA, Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff offer cryotherapy, the latest revolutionary treatment to relieve all your chronic pain conditions. To learn more if cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy is the best treatment for you, visit today! What is Cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is a treatment that exposes the body to freezing temperatures. The therapy uses liquid nitrogen to create an extremely cold atmosphere for the body. A popular cryotherapy treatment is full-body cryotherapy which involves submerging the whole body in a cold chamber. Other treatments involve exposing only parts of the body that need treatment which typically is the arms, legs, feet, and hands.  Benefits There are a number of benefits of using cryotherapy to treat chronic pain. Instead of medications or surgery, cryotherapy is a non-invasive method to heal your body. The extremely cold temperatures of cryotherapy trigger blood from the skin, muscles, and joints towards the body’s

Tall People Problems

Whether it’s being able to see no matter where you are in a crowd or having a natural advantage in sports, tall people enjoy many advantages simply because of their physical stature. But according to the American Journal of Epidemiology , a towering height is also a disadvantage with tall people more likely to experience health issues like back and neck pain. Located in Glendale, CA Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff are passionate about treating patients of all shapes and sizes, including those who are tall. Here are three reasons why tall people may need chiropractic care and how we can help today! More Injury Prone Tall people are more likely to face serious injuries from everyday accidents and falls than the average person. With longer limbs and bodies, there’s more distance to the ground when a taller individual falls. This is why athletes who are lankier suffer from hip injuries and have a longer recovery time in contrast to the shorter athletes.  Spinal Injuries The taller

4 Tips for Computer Users

Spending long hours in front of the screen? The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work, logging into meetings from Zoom instead of the office due to stay-at-home orders. But spending all day on the computer has detrimental effects on your spine health. That’s why Located in Glendale, CA Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff provide expert care and tips for patients who use the computer regularly for their work-related tasks. Here are four tips for computer users. Proper Posture Staring at your computer places immense strain on your neck and back. Don’t hunch your back or move your face closer to the screen. Instead, keep your body including your neck and back in a neutral position. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground with elbows remaining on your sides. Take Breaks Frequent breaks to stretch and move around are beneficial for lessening the strain that comes from sitting in front of your laptop for long hours. Your Glendale, CA chiropractor recommends 15 minutes for a

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a debilitating condition that primarily targets the lower face and jaw. A painful condition akin to an electric shock passing through your face, trigeminal neuralgia occurs when the trigeminal nerve, which moves sensation between the brain and face, is irritated. Located in Glendale, CA Dr. Jack Alajajian and his staff are passionate about helping patients manage their pain, including those suffering from trigeminal neuralgia.  Causes Trigeminal neuralgia develops when the trigeminal nerve faces pressure. This happens when the nerve comes in contact with an artery or vein, when the nerve has a tumor, or when a person has Multiple sclerosis (MS).  Symptoms and Triggers Trigeminal neuralgia has two types of symptoms: Type I and Type II.  Type Ⅰ: Sharp throbbing pin-like pain is usually triggered by touching an area of the body.  Type Ⅱ: Less extreme symptoms like burning sensations or dull aching pain on the face.  Triggers: Trigeminal neuralgia is